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Are you ok?

Are you OK?

I am checking in with all the business owners out there to see how you are going at the moment. It is a very tough economic climate at the moment and we are already starting to see businesses needing to close down because the business just isn't there or due to lockdowns.

Another issue is not making enough income to cover the rent. How are you doing at the moment?

I am a bookkeeper and I am helping small businesses at the moment to navigate this whole thing by making sure their bookkeeping and compliance is up to date so that they can get help with disaster packages.

The number ONE thing you will need to get access to stimulus packages, help from banks with deferring/freezing repayments or to get finance, is to have up to date financials and be up to date with all your ATO lodgements.

Are you ok? Are you in control? Do you need help with that?

It is my mission at the moment, to check in with small business owners and see if they have everything that they need.

We all need to come out of this current situation without too much damage to our businesses. What damage could this do to your business, your staff and your families?

Book in for a quick chat about your situation

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