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Remote working: how to get your business ready

In a crisis, the ability for your staff to work remotely could, quite literally, be a lifesaver.

But how do you set up your team to become remote workers? And what are the key considerations to think about when working remotely in the cloud?

Key considerations of remote working

61% of global companies currently have some sort of remote working policy for their staff, according to a 2019 survey. But for remote working to be effective, your business needs to put some serious thought into the infrastructure, security and culture around home-working.

  1. Use the right cloud-based software tools and IT hardware – if remote working is to be effective, you need the right hardware and software to get your team connected and working productively. So, laptops, tablets and a speedy internet connection are vital.

  2. Be highly conscious of online security – you’re likely to have sensitive customer and business data on your network, so it’s absolutely critical to use a secure connection. This may mean using a VPN (virtual private network) and two-step encryption.

  3. Track your time and manage workflow online – when your team is remote you can’t keep track of their workflow in person. Instead, use time-tracking tools and online workflow management systems to monitor time spent and the progress of projects.

  4. Ensure there’s real-time communication and messaging – a key element that remote workers miss is face-to-face interaction with their colleagues. So, it’s important to have video and online messaging tools to promote good communication within the team.

  5. Give clear guidance and retraining for staff – the motivation levels needed to stay efficient as a remote worker are very different to those of traditional office-based staff. Training will be needed to help your people acclimatise and get used to self-managing their workload

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